City Girl Walking

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Who’s the City Girl Walking?

Well hello!

So, here we are. You’re reading my blog and wondering ‘so what’s this girl about?’ Well, how times have changed.

I’m still living in Connecticut, but my husband and I have added to our brood and we’re now parents to our four month old son. We’ve also put down roots in the U.S. of A and we’re homeowners in Wilton, Connecticut. It’s a far cry from our London life and there are definitely pluses and minuses to that!

I still see myself as a city girl and I still love to explore; I don’t think those things will ever change, but currently most of my time is spent in the little towns of Connecticut. I don’t expect this to be forever; I’m always on the lookout for the next adventure and I’d love my son to have similar passions, but now sleepless nights and the needs of a small person pervail.

I find it wonderful to look back on who I was at different times in my life so I haven’t deleted my previous write up of me. Obviously some of it still holds, but I’m no longer the carefree adventurer I once was. Still an adventurer, but with a little more responsibility these days!

Responsibility or not, I feel it’s time to start writing again. Given I don’t venture as far these days I’ll be adding a few extra bits to this blog including my baking endeavors and any baby tips I come across along the way. I suppose this is becoming more of a ‘walk in my shoes’ sort of blog.

Onwards and upwards! Let’s walk…

And for nostalgic purposes… this was me almost two years ago….

I see myself as a bit of all sorts; a writer, blogger, owner of a people development and employee engagement consultancy, wife, quirky dresser and person who loves adventure, wherever that may take me.

I live in Stamford, CT where I recently moved as an expat. I’m originally from the UK, born and bred in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I moved from the Geordie shore to the London ten years ago, and I now call myself an adopted Londoner. I’ve only recently moved to the States, so I’m not yet an adopted American!

And this, is City Girl Walking. It’s a personal blog that I use to share, through words and pictures, the sights, smells and sounds I experience as I explore the world.

Thanks for looking me up and I hope you enjoy reading my musings.

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