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Mumbai Times

As we drove home, I was complaining about being tired because I’d spent the day trying to achieve things and I felt like I’d achieved nothing due to forever getting lost. I was mumbling and bumbling away, about how I hadn’t got around to getting anything for dinner and how I felt bad because since I wasn’t working making dinner should be my thing. The next thing I knew the indicator was flashing and my husband was saying “shall we have an Indian tonight?”

For anyone who knows me well, they know I love a good curry. Many a night I’ve taken myself off alone to our last local curry house (my personal favourite) – Bengal Quay – to grab a Balti and a paratha while my husband cooked himself beans on toast. “It’s curry night pet you’ll have to cook your own dinner tonight.”

So, when we pulled into the car lot, which looked very much like an industrial estate, my belly was rumbling, and my eyes were on stalks with intrigue at what we’d find.

This was the third time my husband had been to this place in a week; apparently it’s a lunchtime favourite with the work crowd! I thought, damn, he doesn’t even like curry, this place must be good!

We went through a curtain, which despite looking nothing like them, reminded me of the intrigue I felt walking through the beaded curtains my gran had to shut out the flies when I was a kid. As we walked through we were transported into a little piece of India. Little is the appropriate word given there were no more than six tables and none bigger than tables of four. It didn’t matter, the smallness gave it a cosy, welcoming feel. The waiter smiled at us and showed us to our seat.

We were given menus, a few popadoms – light with just enough crisp to be satisfying – some dips – three in all – and a bottle of water for the table. There was no drinks menu, water is all that’s on offer, but there is a BYO option and many bring a few $1 beers from the liquor store next door to enjoy with their curry of choice.

We ordered a lentil soup to start, chicken balti and a goan chicken curry for main with sides of paratha and white rice. Although neither of us ordered the rice, it seemed to come as an added extra.

The curry was steaming hot, with tender meat and just enough kick to make you feel like you were eating a curry. Both sauces were thick enough to scoop up onto the bread but not too thick that they glooped. Just how I like it.

At $50 including tip (that’s about £35) we felt suitably satisfied.

This place is definitely worth a try and it seems many agree with me. It gets glowing ratings on trip advisor. I’ll be back, and it seems my hubby will too!

CT folk, if you haven’t been it’s a must try. UK curry lover friends, we’ll be taking you to this gem when you visit!

Check out the menu here and get salivating!


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  1. sixthdecadedame
    May 18, 2015

    Awww you have a lovely thoughtful husband!xx

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